Common Ground Debates

Common Ground Debates are a new take on the classic, time-tested debate framework. The goal is to foster conversations on key current issues. Although built off a classic debate foundation, there are fundamental variations intended to focus on collaboration and a path forward, as opposed to the classic win/lose paradigm.

Common Ground Debates are hosted in partnership with local universities. We work with local partners, university professors, and accomplices in the Bridging Our Divide community to bring in experts in the field for the topic at-hand.  At each event, there are a total of four speakers (two representing each side) and a moderator, who plays an important part in the discussion.

Upcoming topics/motions include:

  1. Does identity politics bring us together or push us apart?
  2. Do we need stricter immigration policies?
  3. Do corporate tax cuts help stimulate the economy?
  4. Is kneeling for the national anthem patriotic?
  5. When is it cultural appropriation? Is it a misrepresentation and stealing of ideas or a natural part of sharing them?
  6. Should we be designating more land as monuments/reserves or less?
  7. Does climate change adaptation bring economic opportunity?

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