Community Dialogue Events

The centerpiece of our mission is to promote constructive dialogue and decrease the growing sense of division in our country. 


Community Dialogue Events bring people together for an evening of food, drinks, group activities, and local speakers from the left and the right. Events are planned in partnership with local organizations, businesses, and community members.


Quotes from recent event attendees: 

"My favorite part of the event was seeing that liberals (left) have more in common with me than I thought." - Richard B. (Conservative)

"I like how the event was formed around not changing minds but listening." Carol W. (Conservative)

"My favorite part of the event was meeting cool people with different perspectives." - Silvia S. (Liberal)

"I like that the events are open to the public and allowing us to enter in on topics of interest or belief" - Karen B. (Independent)

"I appreciated the reminder to look for common ground." - Jennifer H. (Liberal)


Common questions about Community Dialogue Events:

Who can attend the events?

Events are free and open to the public but registration is recommended since space is often limited. The registration process also helps us identify community members that are interested in speaking to the group and enables us to ensure broad representation from various perspectives, which is an important piece in improving dialogue and combating stereotypes.

What can we expect at events?


Events start off with a presentation by the Bridging Our Divide team. Following this, we bring several community members up to the stage for questions and conversation. This part of the evening helps highlight the variety of perspectives and experiences that make up our communities and offers us a chance to explore common ground. After this, the host walks people through group activities where people in attendance have an opportunity to engage with each other through questions and dialogue. This work is critical for our goal of highlighting commonalities behind differences and uncovering the humanity of those that may reside in different boxes in other aspects of life. Lastly, there is time at the end of the evening for people to mingle and enjoy a beverage.

How can I get an event planned in my city?

Reach out and we can talk about possibilities! Community partners are an essential piece in creating a successful event.

Where do I go to sign up for an event?

Right here!