Bridging Our Divide is working to promote constructive dialogue across political and ideological divides by creating forums for conversation.  

Our work is focused on hosting Community Dialogue Events and Common Ground Debates in various cities around the United States. 

As a nation, we're being split apart by an inability to communicate and see common ground. There’s a growing sense of division and contempt fueled by partisanship, social media, and geographic separation.

We need to work together to improve communication between people with different ideologies and different visions of America, because our core values and needs overlap more than they differ

Many on the left and right are failing to see the underlying values and humanity of those on the other side of the political divide. We're seeing a rise in extremist rhetoric on the right, and on the left, many have taken to labeling, shaming, and shutting down those with a different perspective. This drives away potential allies, pushes others further in the opposite direction, and creates a climate of contempt for everyone involved. 

Let's work together to weave a better narrative. Become part of the movement, join for an event, and take part in the conversation.

Our work includes:

  • Community Dialogue Events focused on bringing together people with different perspectives and ideologies for an evening of speakers, activities, music, and dialogue
  • Common Ground Debates to explore issues of our day, spark important conversation, and identify ways to bridge divides

We are looking for volunteers and partners from all sides of the political spectrum. If you have a passion to help bridge the corrosive divide in our society, consider helping out with an event or donating to the cause.