Who We Are

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Shiloh HalseyFounder
Shiloh comes to Bridging Our Divide from the world of environmental science and conservation. He has published scientific articles on wildlife, environmental mapping, and climate change adaptation. Recognizing and highlighting the sometimes unseen bridges that connect disparate communities and individuals is central to his work, whether that be through collaborative conservation or political facilitation. You can read more about the roots of Bridging Our Divide here.

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John Wood, Jr. — Board Member 
John Wood, Jr. is a former nominee for Congress, a former Vice-Chairman of the Republican Party of Los Angeles County, and is the director of media development for Better Angels, a national grassroots organization dedicated to depolarizing American society and elevating our civic culture. He is the architect of Better Angels Media and is the host of Transcending Politics: with John Wood, Jr. on Youtube.

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Karen LittleBoard Member
Educated in international relations and human development, Karen has spent the past dozen years as a bridge-builder between the for-profit and non-profit sectors. As Vice President of Corporate Engagement at global microfinance non-profit Kiva, she cultivates and expands strategic partnerships in the US and across Asia with a portfolio of corporate, foundation and institutional partners. Prior to joining Kiva, she managed partnerships for the American Heart Association for five years in San Francisco. In both positions, she's built successful executive leadership councils from the ground up. Karen is deeply passionate about connecting and leveraging the worlds of non-profits and for-profits to create positive social impact in the US and abroad.

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John Durso — Board Member 
John is above all a communicator and problem solver, which manifests in both his personal and public work. When he's not doing podcasts and planning events with Bridging Our Divide, he spends his time working at Crosshatch Creative, a digital marketing agency based in Portland, OR. The question most often on his mind is: "How do we, as a society, have productive discussions when it is impossible for the vast majority of people to be fully informed?"

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Jessica Rybka — Grants and Fundraising Volunteer
Jessica has a passion for helping companies grow.  She started her career as a corporate attorney working with startups and venture capital investors, and now provides volunteer grant writing support to non-profits that inspire her.  


Hannah Chinn — Media and Outreach Intern
As a double major in Sociology and English, Hannah is passionate about both stories and people. She's worked to engage diverse communities both locally, with organizations like Because People Matter PDX (a non-profit centering the needs of marginalized individuals on the streets through relationship and action), and internationally, with Asociación Tierra in Masaya, Nicaragua (balancing social and environmental work with local resource-building). To her, good dialogue makes current-day issues matter to everyday people, fostering connection across difference.